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Wearing the Cape: Barlow's Guide to Superhumans /The B-Files Book and PDF Bundle

Wearing the Cape: Barlow's Guide to Superhumans /The B-Files Book and PDF Bundle

This bundle is for the both the Hardback Book and the two Electronic PDF's.



Wearing the Cape: Barlow's Guide & The B-Files combines WtC: Barlow’s Guide to Superhumans and WtC: The B-Files for 230+ pages of world background and characters—superhuman capes, civilians, and villains—with amazing accompanying art. The Post-Event World is hugely expanded in this combined sourcebook, written for GMs and players who want to wear the cape outside of the US or adventure abroad with Heroes Without Borders.

It includes: 20 additional pages of pure world background, providing Post-Event history for Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, with a look at how superhumans wear the cape in different places; 15 additional pages of background covering Post-Event organizations and places; a new rules chapter exploring the uses of Aspects in superhero games (the Aspect Power-System) and a new way of factoring power scale. It also includes:

  • 180 pages of expanded Power Templates and fully worked up cape-files, including new Power Templates (Dreamweaver-Types and Jumper-Types), more characters from the Wearing the Cape series, and dozens of original characters.
  • An examination of the Power Aspect System introduced in WtC:RPG, usable in any superhero campaign.
  • Expanded use of Aspects for powered and non-powered characters.
  • Dozens of new Power Stunts.

Wearing the Cape: Barlow's Guide & The B-Files is a valuable resource for anyone wishing to adventure in the Post-Event World, or to use this Fate Core hack to play superhuman characters in any campaign setting.

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