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Fighting the Future.

Astra has finished her training and is now a full fledged Sentinel, but things are not going well.  She suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the public revelation of her relationship with Atlas has caused her popularity to nose-dive.


To complicate things, the Teatime anarchist’s intervention has changed the course of events-leaving her with lots of knowledge about the way the future was before the Big One, a complete future-history that is now out of date.  And just when she things she’s getting a handle on things, unfolding events (a bank-robbery and a horrific murder) show that one of the nastier pieces of the old future isn’t so out of date after all; unless she solves a murder before it happens, Blackstone is going to die.


Praise for Wearing the Cape

“Superhero fiction is so full of tropes that it’s nearly impossible to write something new.  Wearing The Cape manages that heroic feat, being both a classic superhero story and a new take on the genre all at the same time”.

- Silia of Portland, Amazon Review


Villains Inc.

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